We supply market experience and knowhow to our trading partners. Providing our clients with support on all facets of the trade from the mine to the smelter. Nurturing a smooth and seamless participation.

In addition to sourcing and marketing, we provide logistical support, hedging and financial products such as tolling arrangements, pre-export financing, barter, exchanges, consignments, and pre-production financing. We work closely with major financial institutions with whom we have developed long-lasting relationships to ensure smooth transactions.

We make strategic investments in producing and future mines to support our existing and prospective suppliers in order to assure our customer base a stable and reliable supply of quality concentrates, thereby constructing mutually profitable havens in this oftentimes-turbulent industry.

In a business environment where only a limited number of trading companies are accepted by the mining and smelting industry, Transamine continues to be associated with performance and professionalism. It is a reputation we have built over many decades and look forward to burnishing further as we take full stride into the future.