“Transamine is a full service company
providing worldwide raw material sourcing,
marketing, finance and investment.”

With the longest successful track record of active trading in the industry, Transamine has proven its adaptability, reliability, and flexibility in increasingly globalized markets time and time again. Our team is committed to providing a complete spectrum of services within the non-ferrous raw materials industry including sourcing, marketing, hedging, logistical support, and financing solutions.

The responsive management structure gives the resilience required in the increasingly fluctuating markets of today. Our staff is quick to meet the changing needs of our clients while availing them of our profound, hard-fought knowledge of the business environment.

We believe that the secret to our success and longevity in non-ferrous commodity trading lies in our commitment to forging long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. This commitment, along with our in-depth knowledge of sourcing and marketing a full range of non-ferrous raw materials worldwide, makes Transamine prominent within our industry.